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Crack Width Gauge

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The Crack Width Gauge is manufactured from high impact polycarbonate. One side of the gauge has a 160mm graduated scale in millimetres and centimetres. The other side has a series of crack width comparison guides ranging from 0.1mm to 7.0mm.

  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Scale calibrated from end of Crack Width Gauge allows measuring of cracks in corners.
  • Supplied in a protective case.
  • Manufactured to conform to BS EN ISO 9001:2000
  • The co-efficient of linear thermal expansion is 7.0×10-5 cm/cm/oC for ambient temperatures between -30 Degrees C to +30 Degrees C

Crack Width Gauge

Crack Width Gauge

Using the Crack Width Gauge

Selecting a location where the edges of the crack are reasonably straight and parallel, hold the Crack Width Gauge in contact with the crack (at right angles to the crack).

Align the Crack Width Gauge where the calibration and the crack are the same width. Record the width, length and location of the crack.

Crack Width Gauge

Larger and Corner Cracks

The scale at the bottom of the gauge may be used to measure crack widths greater than 7mm and cracks in corners or awkward locations.