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Home Monitoring Kit

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This set contains all the products needed to monitor cracking on a flat wall within the home. It includes a Crack Width Gauge to measure the width of cracks prior to monitoring, Plus Tell-Tales, all fixings, instructions for use and Crack Record Sheets. It also includes the book Has your House got Cracks?: A Homeowner’s Guide to Subsidence.

The kit can be replenished by re-ordering any of the components which are also available as separate items.

The kit contains:

  • 1x   Book: A Homeowner’s Guide to Subsidence
  • 1x   Crack Width Gauge
  • 2x   Plus Tell-Tales
  • 2x   Packs of Fixing Screws
  • 1x   Pack of Araldite® two part epoxy
  • Instructions and Crack Monitoring Record Sheets to record changes in crack width.

Home Monitoring Kit

Home Monitoring Kit

Initial Measurement

Use the Crack Width Gauge to measure and record crack width before monitoring.

Home Monitoring Kit

Monitor Cracks in Flat Walls

Use the Plus Tell-Tales to monitor horizontal and vertical movement across cracks on flat surfaces.

Home Monitoring Kit

Understand why Buildings Crack

The Homeowner’s Guide to Subsidence explains why buildings crack and how to recognise and deal with subsidence.