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Corner Tell-Tale

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The Avongard Corner Tell-Tale monitors horizontal and vertical movement across a crack in a corner.

The Tell-Tale is hinged enabling it to be used in internal corners of angles between 70 and 180 degrees. The Corner Tell-Tale monitors both internal and external corners.

Avongard Tell-Tales are precision gauges that consist of two plates which overlap for a part of their length. The bottom plate is calibrated in millimetres and the top plate is transparent and marked with a hairline cursor in the form of a cross.

  • Fix using Screws and Adhesive (not included but available as accessories)
  • Supplied with full instructions and Crack Monitoring Record Sheet

Corner Tell-Tale

Corner Tell-Tale

Use Singly

Use singly to monitor two dimensional movement.

Corner Tell-Tale

Use in Pairs

Use in pairs to monitor three dimensional movement.

Corner Tell-Tale

Floors & Ceilings

Re-configure the Tell-Tale components to monitor cracks between ceilings and walls or floors and walls.

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